About Us

Welcome to Virtual Venue Tours

We are a specialist media and technology company based in Hertfordshire who specialise in high specification 3D Scanning and digital mapping and the creation of 360˚ virtual reality tours.  

As a sister company of Big Buzz Productions we work across Hertfordshire, London and the South East of England combining our cutting edge 3D technology with our filming, production and editing services. We  create completely immersive ways to experience a venue, location, event or property.

We have a keen eye for detail from the moment we interact with clients right through to the final delivered product. We pride ourself on exceptional customer service and delivering high quality end products. 

Matterport Approved Partners

We’re approved Partners of Matterport – the world’s leading virtual reality photography company and  work closely with a range of businesses and industries to build unique virtual tours of their property/business. We work across a vast range of industries everything from construction to engineering, commercial and residential sales right through to Aviation and Marine sales and charter companies.

Trusted Associates

Our Associate Partner network was formed to service a growing market of businesses and industries looking for unique ways to showcase a range of spaces – from homes to hotels, commercial offices to construction sites and retail spaces to retirement/care homes. We are very proud to partner with Real World Interiors, Big Buzz Solutions, Andrew Taylor Associates and Keith Wells Ltd. enabling us to specialise in a vast range of different industries and business sectors. 

To find out more drop us a line.

We cover London, Herts, Beds & Bucks